Trinny Woodall reveals the mistake you’ve been making when spring cleaning your wardrobe

Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall was a guest on This Morning to reveal how to best spring clean your wardrobe.

Straight from her fabulous walk-in closet in her West London home, the fashion expert gave handy tips to viewers on what to how to organise your wardrobe.

But while you may have been looking at your whole wardrobe every time you declutter, this is actually where you’re going wrong.

Trinny revealed that 20% of your wardrobe are pieces you wear all the time, and that 80% of clothes you don’t use without having to wait a few months – and that’s what you should be focusing you attention on.

“It couldn’t be a better time to spring clean your wardrobe, especially since we’ve gone in to stay comfortably at home when it was winter and we’re going to come out when the weather is incredibly different”, she said.

“I think whatever size our wardrobe, whatever space we have, there is this stat that we use 20% of our wardrobe, 80% of the time - which means there’s 80% of your wardrobe that’s not being used.”

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Trinny Woodall’s tips to spring clean your wardrobe

When you identify the 80% of your wardrobe that you want to purge, Trinny suggests you do the following:

1. Use a clothes rail to hang clothes or, if you don’t have one, use a broom and put it over two things - it helps to hang everything rather than pile clothes on the bed.

2. Make four piles – stuff you wear all the time and love but might be getting a bit tired; expensive clothes you haven’t worn in a long time; stuff that doesn’t fit you anymore and clothes that are the wrong colour or print.

3. Remove the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Trinny says that it’s fine to leave clothes that still fit you sometime if you fluctuate between sizes, but get rid of anything that you think will fit ‘one day’.

4. When you figure out all the clothes that you don’t want to keep, decide what you want to sell, give to friends or donate.

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