The Best Invisible Knickers

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  • These flattering invisible knickers will help you feel confident in your favourite outfits

    There’s nothing like stepping out in your favourite white jeans or that
    figure-hugging dress and knowing that you look as good as you feel. But
    if you’re constantly worried about underwear being visible through your
    thinner summer clothes, feeling confident can be easier said than done.
    Not to worry though: a great pair of invisible pants are the answer.
    These hard-working knickers will give you a helping hand by flattering,
    lifting and smoothing – and no-one need know!

    With silky maxi
    skirts and dresses favourites for the summer months, underwear can’t
    afford to be an afterthought. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an
    event, barbeque or summer gathering in your fabulously glamorous peach
    or cream maxi skirt only to realise on arrival that your skirt is
    see-through and your knickers are completely visible! It’s one of the
    biggest fashion faux-pas – but the good news is that it’s also
    completely avoidable.
    Whenever you buy a risky coloured bottom half –
    white jeans, silky maxi skirt, white cotton dress for your holidays –
    head straight to the underwear shop and find the knickers to go with it.
    It’s a good habit to get in to that can save you a lot of angst and

    From briefs to things, shapewear to high-rise
    styles, there’s a style for any occasion. So whatever shape you find
    more comfortable in and whatever shape your outfit demands, you can get
    in an invisible version to complete the outfit with a flawless knicker
    line. Find your perfect pair today…