Found: The Perfect Pair Of Tights For Every Need

Great tights are hard to find - but we've made it easy with our top 10 pairs. Find your perfect ones, no matter what the occasion...

Along with a fashionable longline coat and sturdy-yet-stylish pair of ankle boots, tights are an essential in any season. The best pairs can transform your look, gliding over (and hiding) problem areas while keeping your legs protected from the winter chill under your favourite pencil skirt.

The problem is, good tights are hard to find. Tights that fit at the waist often sag at the ankle, dig in or – worse still – ladder too easily. But there are some pairs out there that fit perfectly – so you can avoid the urge to adjust throughout the day!

We’ve selected our top 10 pairs for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a fab pair of classic opaques or something really special, you’ll be able to shop for your next ones without worrying that you’ll take them out of the packet only to find that they roll down or just won’t stay up.

Start with these comfort cut tights from Wolford, and you’ll take a pencil skirt and court shoes from average to amazing. The comfort waistband means wearing them for work all day won’t be a problem, and the seamless front won’t show through your skirt. Plus they feel like velvet – always a great reason to invest!