Dress Yourself Slimmer – 8 tricks to dress 7lb slimmer this summer

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  • Our fashion experts show you the styles to flatter your shape

    Whether your body shape is a classic hourglass, a pear, or a
    tricky-to-dress apple, we can show you how to flatter your figure and
    still rock this season’s hottest trends. Figure fixers for your shape
    are the answer. They can flatten that troublesome tummy, elongate a
    short body, give you longer legs or create curves to soften a boyish

    Looking great with what you’ve got is as simple as
    adding the right figure fixer for your shape. While there is an entire
    market of underwear garments aimed at pulling and pushing your body into
    a smoother, curvier shape which work amazingly well for evening affairs
    and big occasions, everyday wear needs to be comfortable and
    lightweight, especially in the warmer seasons and on holiday.

    are a wide range of flattering and cleverly tailored accessories such
    as cropped jackets or dresses with flattering detail and shape that give
    the illusion of a flat tummy, elongate your legs and body or hide those
    pesky bingo wings. These savvy shaped garments are the answer to
    everyday day outfit dilemmas. Find the right shapes and cuts to suit
    your body shape and bad outfit days will be a thing of the past! Find
    versatile figure fixers for your shape and you can wear it with anything
    and everything in your wardrobe. Dressing your body shape well is as
    simple as adding these cleverly cut accessories. With the right item,
    like a well cut jacket or large clutch bag accessory, you’ll feel just

    We’ve put together a round up of the best figure fixers
    that could make you look 7lb slimmer. Read on to discover which fashion
    buys you should be picking up that will flatter your body shape and
    make you look, and feel, fabulous!