Youth-Enhancing Makeup To Disguise Lined Lips

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  • Not all lines are made equal. Some, like deep forehead furrows, you can’t do a darn thing about (not without a needle, anyway). Yet some, like little lines on or around your lips, you certainly can.

    Thinning, lined or ridged lips are a normal part of getting older, but this is an area in which beauty brands have really excelled, and there are plenty of genuinely useful products out there that can, if not entirely restore your lips to their youthful state, at least do a convincing job of making them appear that way.

    Read on for my top beauty products to plump, smooth and disguise lined lips…

    MAC Lip Scrubtious Sweet Brown Sugar

    Your face looks healthier and plumper after a good exfoliation session, and so will your lips. That dead top layer of skin makes any lines look deeper. Work it off by rubbing this in with a finger for half a minute every night. You’ll be left with lovely smooth and fresh looking lips, and everything you put on them afterwards will sink in properly, sit nicely and stick around for far longer.

    Buy Lip Scrubtious Sweet Brown Sugar, £12.50 at

    Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips

    Your second step after scrubbing should be this serum-oil hybrid – think skincare for your lips (which makes perfect sense, as your lips are skin after all) Twist the base to release the rich pink-ish balm and swipe on twice a day to fill them with hydrating hyaluronic acid, smoothing lactic acid and a combination of peptides (a clever anti-ageing ingredient that boost collagen production for a plumping and softening effect)

    Buy Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips, £26, at 

    Transformulas Lip Volume

    If there’s no time to wait for a long-term lip care plan to kick in, or you’d like to supplement it with instant plumping too, here’s your answer. This feels like a gloss without the stickiness, tingles quite pleasantly, adds a nice 3D shine and makes lips feel and look poutier right away. Expect lines to shallow instantly too thanks to nut oils and shea butter – and over time peptides rev up natural collagen to encourage fullness.

    Buy Transformulas Lip Volume, £29.95 at

    Bareminerals Statement Under Over Lip Liner

    Lip liner has an old-fashioned rep – when think of the 1990’s ‘dark liner light lip look’, it takes us back to beauty-times-gone-by. But actually, every woman who wears lipstick should have one in her makeup bag – they define the lip line, stop makeup feathering out into wrinkles (should you have them) and with a subtle hand can be used to create a little extra fullness too.

    Many liners are much of a muchness, but this one by Bareminerals is special, with a soft non-dragging nib, strong pigment and steadfast colour once it’s set down. The shades are flattering and the formula is matte but doesn’t dry out. This means, if you like a really bold look, it can be used all over as a primer to grab onto whichever creamier colour you choose to put on top.

    Buy Bareminerals Statement Under Over Lip Liner, £14, at

    Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick

    Yes, this lipstick is three colours, and yes you could use it to create an instagram-friendly ombré look if you so choose (quite the statement – Youtube it!) For the rest of us, the genius of this product is the subtle plumping effect you can create by swiping it on, lightest shade on the inside of your lip, then blending the edges of each shade well until everything looks roughly the same colour, with just a tiny 3D ‘pop’.

    That lighter shade will draw the eye to the fullest part of your lip, much like highlighting a cheekbone, while the darker tone sharpens up your lip line to hide any loss of definition there.

    Buy Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick, £17.5, at

    As you can see, there are so many youth-enhancing products to pick from. So which product will you choose?

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