Your Essential Frizz-Fighting Tool Kit

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  • We need to talk about frizz.

    Thick, fine, straight or curly; every type of hair suffers from frizz, especially during the colder months. Rain showers, cold air and dry central heating create a particularly welcoming environment for a floating halo of wavy strands, but you can show frizz the door. First, know your enemy. Frizz is the result of your hair cuticle being raised or roughed up, allowing moisture into strands so they swell and start doing their own thing instead of staying set in your preferred smooth style. While the causes of cuticle-roughing are pretty much impossible to avoid (wet weather, humidity, heat styling and static energy) you can prep your hair to defend itself with our ultimate frizz-fighting tool kit. Read on to discover our top five frizz busters, to restore smooth, shiny style to your ‘do every day:  

    Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish, £18, Percy & Reed

    The feeling of fresh clean hair is the best, right? Sadly hair that feels the best can often look the worst; too soft means too fluffy, too flyaway and frizzy. Instead, try swapping a couple of shampoos a week for a non-stripping gentle cleansing conditioner that leaves behind some natural oils. This one by Percy & Reed is my absolute favourite, it smells delicious and contains almond and jojoba oils to smooth, also it doesn’t lather up so you won’t rub and rough up your cuticles while you wash.  


    Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, £30, Aquis

    How you dry your hair is crucial in fighting frizz, which is where this innovative hair towel comes in. The unique ‘aquitex’ material quickly draws moisture away from your hair, so doesn’t let thirsty strands hang onto water and go wayward. It feels and looks luxurious, and the smooth surface won’t rough up your cuticle either. It’s available in short and long lengths or a turban style if that’s your thing, and as a bonus my hair dried in about 10 minutes less than normal. 


    The Shine Brush, £14.99, Wet Brush


    If you’ve already tried the original Wet Brush you’ll know what a dream it is for detangling, now this new version with boar bristles adds a cuticle-flattening effect into the mix. Use it on wet hair to take out tugs without pulling or stretching (a major inciter of frizz) then, when dry, run it from roots to tips to smooth flyaways and pull any natural oils through lengths to seal. 


    Hair Play Dry Wax, £15.50, KMS California 


    Wax isn’t the first product most of us reach for when styling, but top hairdressers use it all the time for a cool matte texture and strong grip (perfect to hold down those pesky flyaways) Try misting this onto a soft bristle brush – your Wet Brush Shine will do just fine – then gently run it over the top of your roots, and through ends. Don’t go overboard or it can look greasy, a little is enough to keep everything in check for the duration of the day. 


    Ultimate Hold Weather-Resistant Hairspray, £3.49, V05 

    You’ve washed, dried, brushed and styled your hair to frizz-free perfection, then the heavens open and you wonder why you bothered… We’ve all been there. No product on this earth can protect your hair from actual rain (plastic bonnets aside) but as long as you’ve got an umbrella, a light all-over mist of this creates a shield, sealing the top layer of your hair so humidity can’t get in. If you’ve got thick or curly hair silicone-based products, like serums, also stop your hair absorbing moisture. Go classic with John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Six Effects, £3.99, or new favourite Charles Worthington Smooth and Control Finishing Serum, £6.99.