The winter skincare routine mistake you’re probably making

We asked an expert about their winter skincare advice - and there was one clear message.

winter skincare routine

When it comes to your skincare routine, it’s better to switch it up with the seasons.

Summertime calls for a skincare routine consisting of a higher SPF and, for many, mattifying lotions and creams that will combat oily skin, while the winter months require a heavier moisture dose to prevent our delicate faces from becoming dry and flaky while combatting the harsher elements.

But are we missing a vital step when it comes to protecting our winter skin?

Dr Mervyn Patterson, a leading dermatologist and skin health expert at Woodford Medical, argues that one of the most overlooked winter skincare routine steps is wearing adequate SPF – especially around the delicate eye area.

“Those that wear sunscreen on their face, often stop just short of the eye area. This is because most are concerned about causing irritation to their eyeand then expect miracles from eye creams only to be let down?

"Don’t be afraid to put a good quality SPF right up to the eyes if made for sensitive skin and what better than one that doubles up as a tinted moisturiser too,” he told Woman&Home.

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“High factor SPF is actually more effective than any eye cream when it comes to anti-ageing.”

So why is it so important for your winter skincare routine to include SPF around the eye area?

winter skincare routine

Well, apart from that we're often not protecting the area with an oversized pair of sunnies, the skin in this area is so thin, it can become damaged much more quickly.

“The skin around the eye is very delicate, in fact it is amongst the thinnest on the body. The external barrier, which is the uppermost protective layer of the epidermis, is only about six cells deep under the eye.”

So how else can we care for our eyes with our winter skincare routine?

“There is no doubt that a poor night’s sleep leaves the eyes looking red and the skin puffier.

"Some of this is due to poor lymphatic drainage, leading to fluid retention. Sunscreen is important for daily protection of the area, but care must be taken to just apply a thin layer that doesn’t migrate [ie. gets into your eye and leaves you feeling weepy for the rest of the morning].

“When cleansing the delicate eye area, ensure the process is thorough, but gentle. An ideal product would be Epionce Milky Lotion Cleanser, (£29) which does not irritate but effectively removes all sunscreen and eye makeup.”

These are our favourite eye creams with SPF, for hydration and protection during the winter months

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