POWDER! The Beauty Site You Need To Know About

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  • Choosing the right beauty product can be tough – will this shade suit me? how much should I spend? what about my sensitive skin? The questions are endless so how do you know what is the best fit for you with 1000s of products available to choose from and how do we avoid buying a product thats wrong for us.

    We have a fantastic new sister site Powder to help you choose the product right for you, catered to your personal preferences and budget with all the products edited chosen by the beauty editors of your favourite magazines – experts in the industry.

    We are all hooked on our brand new beauty site and think you will be too. Taking just a few minutes to set up – you tell us what you are looking from your product – from a mascara for shorter lashes to a cleanser that doesn’t dry your skin out and we will give your our edited suggestions and tell you why its so great for you, even telling you where it’s available to buy.

    There are 11 catagories to choose from with more being added all the time. PLUS there are tons of articles catered to you to help you use your new products including tips on using bronzer, how to train sensitive skin and the biggest foundation blunders we are all making.

    Have a go and see what you think here.

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