The Best Waterproof Make-Up

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  • Keep your cool in the summer heat with these hot weather beauty buys

    As glorious as summer is, there’s no getting around the fact that it can get you pretty hot under the collar. But there’s no need to let the heat get to you: all you have to do to keep your cool? Invest in a good collection of waterproof makeup.

    No, waterproof makeup isn’t just for rom-coms, swimming and funerals: it’s your secret weapon to surviving the weather when it’s hot and humid and you can’t leave the house without your precision-applied eyeliner melting off within minutes of you stepping outside.

    So what do you need? Let’s start with the classic: waterproof mascara. Every girls safety net when there’s a risk of teary eyes, it’ll make sure your lashes stay long, thick and luscious whatever happens to them.

    Eyeliner too? Though you might not feel like wearing much makeup in the heat, a bright eyeliner will make you feel done even if it’s the only thing you’re wearing – but such a statement feature needs to be totally perfect. Turn to a waterproof version and you can trust that your focal point stays, well, on point, all day long.

    If there’s one item of waterproof makeup that’s worth its weight in gold whatever the whether though, it’s lipstick. Every girl knows that a lipstick that stays in place perfectly in place all day is pretty much gold dust. For something that you wont find imprint on the side of your wine glass, try a lip stain. It’s thin enough to really settle onto your lips, and will give you long-lasting coverage without drying them out (which can happen with some long-lasting formulas). Plus most lip stains can work as blusher too, which really helps if you’re packing for a holiday too.

    Or if you’re a minimalist girl, you only have to make room for one thing: a fixing spray. Spritz it all over your usual makeup, and give it supreme staying power. Genius.

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