The Best Rose Beauty Products

Harness the skin-kind properties of rose, rosewater and rosehip oil in these beauty buys.

The beautiful scent alone is enough to make us want to bathe in rose, but it’s not the only reason beauty brands dose their creams with the delicate flower. Rose essential oil – which is yielded from the blossoms – contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that hold benefits for dry, acneic and sensitive skin types.

Such a raft of nourishing abilities is owed to rose essential oil’s emollient, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. While the former makes a drop of the stuff a dream for tight, dehydrated pores, the latter two tend to redness and blemishes in the most gentle of ways.

Don’t, however, confuse rose essential oil with rosehip seed oil; though they’re both entirely nourishing, they take two different approaches to treating skin. Rosehip is resplendent in Vitamin C, naturally contains age-proofing retinol, and is therefore more frequently found in potent wrinkle fighting creams.

Meanwhile, rosewater, or rose hydrosol, is often found in cleansing
waters and toners to deliver glow-boosting, soothing vitamins to your
skin. Supremely refreshing, the elixir works well in a mist to temper
stuffy skin, ply pores with radiance and calm with its aromatherapy

With these plentiful perks in mind, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best rose-infused beauty buys, from a glistening body oil to a multi-tasking mask. Keep clicking for the rosy edit…