The Best Caffeine Beauty Products

Find out how this buzz-booster can reduce cellulite, puffy under-eyes, fine lines and spots.

Oh, coffee. Many of us wouldn’t be without our morning brew, but the buzz-boosting stuff can do more than merely give low energy levels a jolt. Infused in skincare, caffeine is something of a wonder ingredient that’s been linked to a reduction in acne, rosacea, cellulite, swollen under-eyes and dullness.

How? For starters, the stuff is resplendent in antioxidants, which can fight the future signs of ageing and protect your pores from damaging aggressors. It’s also a diuretic, which can make the skin appear temporarily smoother, and a vasoconstrictor, meaning it can dehydrate fat cells to temper puffiness.

That’s why, when scanning the tubs and tubes of your favourite face and body buys, you may well find ‘caffeine’ listed as one of the key ingredients. It’s particularly present in firming body potions, fatigue-fighting eye gels and clever creams promising to lend your complexion that coveted rested glow.

After spying the @frankfeedback Instagram feed of coffee scrub brand Frank Body, it got us thinking about the wonderful things that can come from slathering caffeine on. The page features before and after photos of happy customers who used the brand’s gritty signature buy to buff away eczema, psoriasis and stretch marks.

The scrub harnesses coffee beans, sea salt, vitamin E and cold-pressed sweet almond oil – a blend of potent powerhouse ingredients that target myriad skin conditions. See the results for yourself on their Instagram page, and keep clicking through for more of our favourite caffeine-laced buys. Smoother thighs and perkier eyes will be yours in no time…

Apester Lazyload