The £1.49 Face Mask That Will Transform Your Skin In Minutes

The beauty industry loves disruptive innovation, and sheet masks, with their clever cellulose delivery and exotic Korean origins were that for 2015. Of course, another thing the industry loves is a trend, so in 2016 the world and his wife launched some form of sheet mask and beauty consumers couldn’t get enough. Cut to 2017 and we’ve well and truly reached peak sheet – there’s one for every skin concern, from mass to luxury and some designed specifically for selfie-taking (animal faces, anyone?) But that’s not to say you should move on to something else. Sheet masks are great for so many reasons; handily portable in their sachets, totally drenched in skincare that gets pushed into your skin with no evaporation thanks to the physical ‘sheet’, and, they’re fun to use, whether giggling with friends or alone as they force you to have a little lie down and put your feet up. 

Plus, every so often one comes along that is unimpeachably brilliant, like this little beauty:

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask costs a very pleasing £1.49, and easily stands up against other sheet masks I have tried that will set you back five times that amount. The active ingredients are solid; hyaluronic acid, a molecule that grabs and holds onto water in your skin, witch hazel water, another skin conditioner and pomegranate extract (pomegranate’s are packed with antioxidants, and there’s a decent amount of research around to suggest these can protect your skin from environmental damage like pollution) As it says on the sachet, the slippery cellulose mask contains the equivalent to one week’s worth of serum – although you’ll leave some of that behind in the packet – mostly though, thirsty faces will absolutely drink that good stuff in. 

I tested this the morning after a long day in the office – and a few G&Ts post-work – After 15 minutes lying prone with the mask on then massaging the excess in my skin felt cool, calm and juicily plumped. Despite the volume of serum involved, my face didn’t feel sticky and when I popped a little makeup on top it didn’t peel away into annoying little bits.

As it’s so very hydrating, the only skin type this perhaps wouldn’t work for is extremely oily, but I hear more are on the way to remedy a wider range of ails. Otherwise, I’d say this is one little treat everyone should consider.