Summer Make-up

Update your summer beauty regime with luxury products that stay put on holiday

Fear not – summer makeup isn’t about throwing out all your jewel tone eyeshadows and forcing yourself to wear neons. It’s not about changing your entire look and style – it’s just about making a few updates to your routine to suit the new season (and most importantly, heat).

The most obvious summer makeup update? Waterproof mascara. Its obvious for a reason: whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging pool-side or fight the sweat, when summer creeps up on us we need a mascara that’s going to work overtime to stay put (running, flaky mascara isn’t a good look).

It’s worth applying that same idea to the rest of your makeup too: get a couple of summery eyeshadow shades in a long-wearing formulas: something neutral to compliment bright lips or something bright to make a statement. Think about foundation too: swap yours for a lightweight, sheer formula so your skin looks dewy, fresh and full of summer vitality.

To add some oomph to your dewy summer skin, add a bronzer to your routine too: it’ll add some depth to your face to create some beautiful angles as well as give you that sunkissed glow that’s a central focus of any summer makeup look. Pale porcelain skin that’s not quite right for bronzer? You can get lighter bronze shades that don’t make you look like you’re wearing war paint, but if it’s really not your thing try highlight instead. Those shimmery, pearlescent creams and powder will do the same thing as bronzer, but by adding more lightness and brightness instead of shadow. Apply it to your browbone, cheekbones, nose and cupids bow to accentuate the angles of your face.

For really beautiful skin though, you need to make sure it’s healthy and nourished, and if you’re summer involves travelling and air-con, dehydration is always a danger. To avoid it, concentrate on keeping your skin moisturised: a nourishing facial mist allows you to top up those moisture levels throughout the day, and is perfect for the plane. Small changes – big impact.

Skin feeling a little parched, sun-dried and lacklustre from travelling? A hydrating spritzer is a summer must-have and Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray is perfect to apply mid-flight and after the beach, once skin has cooled, giving skin a boost of moisture. Plus, it can also be applied over make-up as a mid-afternoon office pick-me-up.