8 award-winning toners & mask treatments for every complexion concern

Smooth, brighten and plump your skin with these must-try toners & mask treatments

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Cleansing, moisturising and protecting with SPF are the non-negotiable parts of any self-care routine but adding in the right toners & mask treatments for your complexion type can help your skin reach its full potential. 

Toner refers to the liquid part of your skincare regime, which comes after cleansing, but before serums and moisturisers. Use this step to address any specific skin concerns, seeking out the best toner for your skin type, with ingredients targeted to address different concerns. Masks are another great add-on to the pick 'n mix of any good skincare routine. Not only do they address different complexion niggles, but they provide a much-needed opportunity to rest and reset. 

Choose from our carefully curated list of award-winning toners & mask treatments to help reach your skin goals. 

8 award-winning toners & masks

8 award-winning toners & mask treatments for every complexion concern

Best hydrating mist

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

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1. Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Best hydrating mist


RRP: £16

Dry skin will drink up this deeply-moisturising skin spritz, which provides a big slurp of hyaluronic acid. Our judges loved the fine misting action, which provided a light layer of hydration to prime the skin ready for serum and makeup.

"Pixi’s milky mist is a true dry skin saviour," raves Digital Beauty Writer, Naomi Jamieson. "I reach for it on those cold, skin-stingy days as well as in the midst of summer for an instant refresh. It literally douses your skin in hydration and its creamy formula feels so lightweight and soft."

Master facialist Nicola Russell has a top tip. "I spray this on my face as soon as I wake up for instant refreshment. It's great to keep in your handbag as a quick skin pick me up. I will be taking this on holiday with me too, as it's so cooling on the skin in the warmer weather. Refreshing, cooling and hydrating all in one!"

Best hydrating essence

Curél Plumping Hydrating Gel Essence

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2. Curél Plumping Hydrating Gel Essence

Best hydrating essence


RRP: £17.50

Curél is all about finding solutions for dry, sensitive skin, centring around ceramide care. Ceramides are the building blocks of healthy skin, supporting the moisture barrier to retain hydration. This gel-serum is a tonic for dry, tight-feeling skin, formulated without fragrance, colourants or drying alcohol to keep sensitised skin happy. Pat across your face until it's all absorbed and you won't be able to stop touching your skin. Skin is left cushiony-plump, smooth and dewy.  

"I was so impressed with this," raves Beauty Editor, Stephanie Maylor. "The essence was light and silky to apply, and left my complexion looking healthy and my skin plump - and as a bonus, created a smooth canvas for makeup. A must-have for dry, tight, touchy skin."

Facialist, Chelseé Lewis added: "Skin was more plump and glowing from hydration."

Best exfoliating toner

Gallinée Face Vinegar

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3. Gallinée Face Vinegar

Best exfoliating toner


RRP: From £7

Human skin has 1 million microbiomes per square centimeter and this bacteria is a crucial component of our skin barrier. By balancing and nourishing these living microbes with pre- and probiotic skincare, you can bolster barrier function and calm stressed-out skin. This toner gives those good guys the perfect environment to thrive and deal with daily aggressors. The result is smoother, softer and less reactive skin. Splash on to a cotton pad and sweep over skin twice a day, before you move on to serum and moisturiser. 

"Vinegar-y whiff aside, this is an excellent toner," says Stephanie Maylor. "It’s like plant food for your microbiome and my skin definitely looks healthier and feels less reactive. It sets my skin up nicely for serum and SPF, too."

Beauty expert, Diane Ackers noted, "The formulation and actives look good. I think this would suit oily skin types looking for something to hydrate, smooth and brighten."

Best refreshing mist

Avène Thermal Spring Water

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4. Avène Thermal Spring Water

Best refreshing mist


RRP: £10

With its soothing, anti-irritant formula, this is the ultimate skincare saviour. When skin feels hot, dry, tight or touchy, this featherlight mist has been found to reduce sensitivity by 30% in five minutes and brings down skin temperature by -2°C in just three minutes. Perfect for those hot flush moments. 

"This is a great product that has not only passed the test of time, but also many studies," says Dr. Stefanie Williams, specialist dermatologist. 

Beauty Writer, Annie Milroy is also a long-time fan. "I have been using this face mist for years. It always comes to the rescue of flushed red skin." Her top tip? "I like to keep a bottle in the fridge for an extra dose of cooling refreshment and it's the best first step in my skincare routine each day."

Best overnight mask

Farmacy Niacinamide Night Mask

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5. Farmacy Niacinamide Night Mask

Best overnight mask


RRP: £42

This overnight treatment is like eight hours' sleep in a jar. It's powered by 10% niacinamide, which helps smooth skin texture, refine pores and balance oily/combination skins. At the same time, keeping skin happy and hydrated with panthenol and blueberry seed oil. 

"I really liked the texture and the results," says Fiona Brackenbury, skincare expert and facialist. "It’s a gorgeous leave-on mask, great for those who want more balance. Leaves the skin hydrated, clearer and rested."

"I’m obsessed with this night mask," raves Naomi Jamieson. "First of all, I love that it comes with a little spatula and the fact that it’s a leave on mask makes it so convenient, especially on those evenings when you’re not in the mood to apply, wait and then rinse. After just one use I thought my skin looked smoother and my pores tighter and more refined. I often experience dryness around my nose and found this mask really help to hydrate the area."

Best brightening mask

Fenty Skin Cherry Dub Blah 2 Bright 5% AHA Face Mask

(Image credit: Fenty Skin)

6. Fenty Skin Cherry Dub Blah 2 Bright 5% AHA Face Mask

Best brightening mask


RRP: £32

Fenty's exfoliating jelly mask is a jack-of-all-trades type of beauty product - one that everyone should have stashed in their bathroom cabinet for dull skin emergencies. It instantly brightens skin, smoothes out bumpy texture and reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and gaping pores. Powered by alpha-hydroxy acids that purge dead skin cells, skin is gently resurfaced so that makeup goes on flawlessly. Our judges really enjoyed other aspects such as the tactile jelly consistency and summery cherry scent.

"This mask smells nice, with a good combination of ingredients," says oculoplastic surgeon, Elizabeth Hawkes. Beauty Director, Sarah Cooper-White loved how well it prepped her skin for makeup. "This mask left my skin really smooth and glowy, and it's a good mask to apply before a night out as your makeup just glides on afterwards." 

Best clay mask

ARgENTUM Apothecary Le Masque Infini

(Image credit: ARgENTUM Apothecary)

7. ARgENTUM Apothecary Le Masque Infini

Best clay mask


RRP: £128

When skin is playing up, this silver clay mask promises to calm and soothe even the most reactive skin. Silver has antibacterial properties to purify skin, reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of acne. Cornish Kaolin and Activated Charcoal give pores a deep cleanse, without leaving your face feeling dry and tight, while Argan Oil and Algae Extract help dial down redness. 

"This is a well thought out product, from the packaging to ingredients to application," says Dr. Lauren Hamilton. "It will definitely become part of my weekly skincare ritual."

Stephanie Maylor also liked the application process. "The best thing about this mask is the ritual of it - first, opening the beautiful packaging, then applying a sumptuous layer of the mask using the brush then finally removing with the soft pads. My skin feels really soft and looks a little less red."

Best hydrating mask

Shane Cooper Oxygenation Mask

(Image credit: Shane Cooper)

8. Shane Cooper Oxygenation Mask

Best hydrating mask


RRP: £95

Aesthetic practitioner, Shane Cooper is the man behind the radiant skin of Laura Whitmore, Maya Jama and Rita Ora to name just a few of his well-known clients. This at-home treatment lets you have a slice of the VIP skin treatment in your own bathroom - minus the waiting list. It's powered by encapsulated oxygen and vitamin E, which deliver a burst of moisture, soften lines and boost elasticity.  

"This really brightened skin," says Dr. Justine Hextall, consultant dermatologist. "Afterwards my skin was hydrated and glowing. Also, it's great you can use it on sensitive skin. It is a more luxury product but gives great results and really did what it set out to do."

"The fizzy feeling is very pleasant," says Stephanie Maylor. "It helps to know it’s actually doing something. My skin felt much softer."

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