How To Get Smooth Skin

The quick new skincare step that gets you maximum results for minimum effort

Want to know how to get smooth skin? There’s a secret, and it involves adding a brand new step to your skin care routine, but it’s one you’ll be glad you made room – and time – for.

So what’s this secret? Softening lotion. Think toner – but supercharged and extra talented. It’ll tone your skin, sure, but in addition, it contains moisturisers and frequently exfoliating acids to leave it smooth, radiant, and most importantly, luxuriously smooth. Unlike alcohol-packed toner, it won’t strip your skin so after sweeping it over your face your skin is left feeling hydrated and moisturised, instead of tight and dry. When it comes to how to get smooth skin, these bottles are going to add a whole lot of va va voom to your routine.

But where exactly do they fit into your routine? When you’re applying products, it always goes in order of your most liquid products to the richest. Cleanser, then toner, then AHA and BHA exfoliating lotions, then serum and then moisturiser. Simple!

So which one is for you? It all depends on your skin types, and concerns. For those with blemishes, look for versions containing salicylic acid, which will exfoliate dead skin cells, helping to keep pores clear and preventing spots. Trying to keep your skin looking plump? Look for hyaluronic acid, which helps to bind moisture into the skin keeping it plumped up and firm, which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If anti-ageing is your thing, look for antioxidants too, like white tea, which will battle free radicals to help slow down the effects of ageing. Oh and to keep your skin healthy and soft, look for lotions containing fatty acids, too.

With one little bottle, your quest to discover how to get smooth skin is over.