How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

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  • Wax it, zap it, tweeze it - our pick of the best facial hair removers around

    We all love a bit of pampering and glamour, but not every area of our beauty lives can be aromatherapy oil and red lipstick, some parts are just plain old basic maintenance, like removing facial hair.

    Most of us don’t publicise our moustache or sideburn blitzing regimes, but maintaining the various sprouting strands on our cheeks, upper lips and even chins is a job all of it’s own, not least because the little blighters are just about guaranteed to grow back.

    What’s more irksome is the fact that an increase in or darkening of facial hair is common as we age. “Some darker skin types naturally have more vellus (fine downy) hair from a young age,” Says celebrity facialist Debbie Thomas, “but during pregnancy or menopause, it is common to suddenly get an increase. If hairs are light then ask yourself, ‘does anyone else apart from me notice them?’ We always overanalyse ourselves.”

    Debbie recommends hot waxing or threading for larger areas, which is the ideal solution providing you manage to get to a salon on a fairly regular basis. For most of us though, removing hair at home is far more convenient, and makes financial sense too. Find a method that suits you, get to grips with it and you can deal with rogue facial hair whenever you notice it crops up without any waiting-for-an-appointment paranoia.

    The method you choose comes entirely down to preference, and how much money and time you’re willing to invest for a longer-term solution. There’s a method to get rid of facial hair to suit all, so wax, zap and tweeze away with confidence and our pick of the best tools for the job…