Five Facial Wipes Your Skin Will Love

There was a time when telling a Beauty Editor you use facial wipes would result in a sharp intake of breath and lecture on ‘proper’ cleansing. Thankfully we’ve moved on from the days of heavily fragranced alcohol soaked skin-stripping formulas – beauty brands now recognise that blending the convenience of a wipe with kind-to-skin micellar and oil-infused formulas they are on to a winner. I couldn’t hand on heart say that using wipes every day is a great substitute for a consistent cleansing regime. But, what they do offer is an easy, life-friendly solution for those of us who don’t have 15 minutes to spend at the sink every night, and you can’t knock that. So I’m willing to concede If you travel a lot, work late, have children, or want to take your makeup off after a tipple to three, wipes are a good solution. Here are five of my favourite new launches that leave your skin spick and span in seconds. 

Take The Day Off Face and Eye Cleansing Towlettes, £16, 


Classy, as you’s expect from Clinique. These thick and luxurious wipes are soaked in micellar water, that handy French pharmacy hero that not only dissolves makeup on your skin but draws grime out from within it. They’re not cheap, but you get 50 to play with, one is always enough for a whole face and the clever plastic seal means they stay moist right to the last one. 


Hydro Boost Facial Wipes, £4.99, Neutrogena 

The main draw with these new wipes from Neutrogena is they contain hyaluronic acid, an ingredient you normally find in hydrating creams for it’s hydration holding and plumping benefits. They also smell and feel nicely refreshing, and dissolved my hardy MAC eyeliner with minimal scrubbing – no mean feat. 


The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths, £12, Ole Henriksen

Gloriously saturated in citrus oils, green tea, pomegranate and ascorbic acid (aka super brightening Vitamin C) these thick waffle-feel cloths are my go-to for speed cleasning. They smell and feel amazing, and although they could be a smidge better at taking off really stubborn mascara, the way they make skin feel after a swipe – clean but soft, bouncy and plump – more than makes up for it. 


Fragrance-Free Wipes, £3.99, Yes To Carrots  

Artificial fragrance is best avoided in skincare – it causes irritation (the kind that you can’t even see at the time) and serves no real purpose. That’s why I love these completely fragrance-free, 96% natural and very keenly priced wipes from the very underrated Yes To. They dissolve makeup without scrubbing and won’t secretly be doing anything nasty to your skin, simple. Look out for black detoxofying charcoal wipes coming later this year from the brand too.  


In Transit No Traces, £17, This Works

Definitely the most glamorous option of the bunch, these cute circular pads are soaked in rosewater, sweet almond oil and water mint to break up particles of makeup and anything else your skin collects throughout the day without leaving it feeling all tight and dry like so many can. They smell and feel so delicious and the proper screw-lid tub ensures they never dry out.