Beauty Tools That Will Transform Your Beauty Routine

They say a bad workman blames his tools, but when it comes to beauty that workman (or woman) would have a point. Technique, practise and a steady hand are one thing, but looking your best is nearly always the result of using the right tools too. In fact, armed with the right kit, you can cheat your way to a professional look regardless of how much (or little) skill you possess. Happily, many of the best beauty tools are the simplest ideas and not especially pricy either. Read on to discover my favourite nicely-priced beauty tools that will transform your beauty kit today.

Beautyblender Swirl

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The product that brought sponges back into our lives, newly revamped in a groovy design, is still the best base blender going by my estimation. Wet it down to stop it drinking your foundation, pop on a pump then simply bounce over cheeks, using the pointy edge to get into awkward angles around your nose and eyes. The best thing about using this over brushes is the finish; it gives a light healthy glowy look to almost any base and the bouncing action helps blood flow so you’re giving skin a mini massage while you apply.


Buy Squidger, £4.99 at

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best. This bit of kit is not
only a bargain at under a fiver but helps you save plenty of pounds in
the long run by squeezing out every last drop of product that normally
gets stuck inside the tube for all eternity. You’ll be shocked how much
extra product you can coax out – up to 20% – there’s a video on
that shows exactly how simple it is to use, then enjoy never having to
cut open a tube of hand cream, liquid blush or hair mask again.

The Hollywood Browser


Buy The Hollywood Browser, £15 for two at

is one of those nifty little products that once you get going, you’ll
wonder how you ever lived without it. Unfold the finger-length device,
hold at a 45 degree angle and run along your skin to whip off unwanted
hair smoothly without any irritation, fuss or need for water. The name
suggests it’s best for tidying brows, and it is good in that area, but
I’d say the real strength of this product is swiftly despatching facial
fuzz, from upper lip to cheeks, chin or wherever that may be. I wouldn’t
be without mine now.

Chanel Pinceau Duo Correcteur Retractable

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know what you’re thinking, how transformative can a concealer brush
really be? The answer, when it comes to this one, is very. Considering
concealer needs regular topping up (especially if you’ve got a spot that
day) the mind boggles that there aren’t more good portable brushes out
there. This is absolutely perfect; both brushes retract neatly into a
central chamber so it takes up no room in your bag and won’t pick up
fluff. The flat firm side firmly lays down thick formulas, pushing the
pigment where it needs to go, then the softer fluffier side blends the
edges as well as working nicely with looser formulas under eyes. You’ll
never use your finger again.