10 Steps to Perfect Legs

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  • Beauty tips and tricks to prepare your legs for the sunny season

    Spring has (just about) sprung, but do cellulite, pale skin and dry legs stop you from stepping out with confidence when the weather warms up?

    You’re not alone. While cellulite does become more visible as we age, the truth is that it can and will affect most women at some point in their lives, regardless of their age, body shape or fitness levels. And those dreaded dimples can make the idea of stepping out in a summer dress seem pretty intimidating. But don’t fret – we all have the same concerns after a long winter of covering up. That’s why our beauty experts are here to help with top tips to treat cellulite, slim down and improve the overall appearance of your legs.

    There’s no need for painful or invasive surgery, hardcore exercise or big changes to your diet to banish cellulite – simple tweaks and clever beauty tricks can be all that’s needed to get rid of dimpled, dry skin (or at least hide it)

    But even if cellulite isn’t a main concern (in which case, lucky you!), then there are still other tips you can steal from the experts to leave your legs looking their best. From perking up dull skin to softening and smoothing, make this the summer where your legs steal the show. We’ve also found the best treatments to remove hair permanently and new tanning wonder-products that can help tone and firm up skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Whatever your concern, gorgeous legs can be yours in just a few easy steps.

    We?ve got ten expert tips to help you achieve that summer-ready body with enviably smooth and tanned legs. So read on and follow our expert beauty advice to banish cellulite and ensure that you feel confident whipping off those 60-deniers this weekend…

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