10 steps to perfect legs

Because your legs deserve the best
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  • You know they exist but did you ever think you could have a pair?

    Does cellulite, pale skin and dry legs stop you from stepping out with confidence when the weather is warm? You’re not alone. Not many of us would say we have perfect legs.

    Why our legs need a little TLC

    “Women have always been sensitive about the way their legs look, but now more than ever we are investing in exercise classes, personal training, skin brushing and various tools and products all to improve the appearance of our legs,” says Margaret Dabbs, whose eponymous brand produces luxurious, effective products and treatments for legs, feet and hands.

    Are you thinking about cellulite?

    It’s likely that you are. After all, cellulite become more visible as we age. The truth is, however, that it can and will affect most women at some point in their lives, regardless of their age, body shape or fitness levels.

    “Women develop cellulite because they have weaker connective tissue and larger fat cells due to the effect of female hormones and it is estimated that 80-93% of women have cellulite,” explains Margaret. “Men, on the other hand, have stronger connective tissue and less subcutaneous fat so they don’t have the same concerns.”

    It’s a sad fact of life that cellulite is largely female concern, but while those dreaded dimples can make the idea of stepping out in a slinky dress seem pretty intimidating don’t fret – we’re all subject  to the same demands.

    “While beauty standards are always evolving, one of the most common fitness goals is still to get rid of cellulite,” says Margaret. “We’ve all been told by the media, and maybe our friends and family, that cellulite is ugly. Body image and self-esteem directly influence each other – and your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. If you don’t like your legs (or any part of your body), it’s hard to feel good about your whole self. But the truth is, it’s normal and something almost every woman has!”

    How to get perfect legs for you

    “Even the sleekest of legs can get puffy pockets of fluid, or patches of dull, flaky and dry skin,” says Margaret. “Did you know that the shins have the driest skin on the body! Some of this is due to ageing which can lead to poor circulation, but actually we don’t have to put up with it and there are some simple steps you can take.”

    “Working to improve the appearance of the skin of our legs does wonders for our body confidence, and the truth of the matter is that if you use the right products and put a little time into your beauty routine, you’ll reap the benefits,” she adds.

    And there’s no need for painful or invasive surgery, hardcore exercise or big changes to your diet to banish cellulite. Simple tweaks and clever beauty tricks can be all that’s needed to get rid of dimpled, dry skin (or at least hide it).

    Even if cellulite isn’t a main concern then there are still other tips to leave your legs looking their best. From perking up dull skin to softening and smoothing, make this the summer where your legs steal the show. We’ve also found the best treatments to remove hair permanently and new tanning wonder products that can help tone and firm up skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Whatever your concern, gorgeous legs can be yours in just a few easy steps.

    So read on and follow our expert beauty advice to banish cellulite and ensure that you feel confident whipping off those 60-deniers…