10 Handy Make-up Sticks For Travelling

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  • The only way to stock your make-up bag for a week away...

    Discover a new way to travel light this summer with a brand new innovation in makeup. If you haven’t tried solid or stick makeup yet, be prepared to shake-up your makeup bag! Solid makeup is the way forward – whether it’s stick foundation, perfume or sunscreen.

    Your travel makeup kit will halve in size if you choose your products wisely. And you can still recreate you favourite beauty looks, wherever you are, with these handy buys. Start your holiday routine with some stick sunscreen – then pop it in your handbag for regular top ups. Prep and prime your skin with a solid primer, before applying a stick foundation, blusher and highlighter. With no liquid bottles around, this is the quickest, cleanest way to apply your makeup.

    Finish your glamorous holiday look with your favourite smokey eye or bold lip in the latest stick lipsticks and eyeshadows. It’s never been so easy to look perfect all day every day with these light, handy and innovative beauty buys.

    Discover a new way to stock your travel makeup bag here…