Your 2013 horoscopes: Taurus

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Saturn is your enemy and your friend this year: a foe because you'll discover the failings in yourself and your plans; and a chum because he'll help strengthen your weaknesses and come out on top. Other people are where the hard work lies, whether you have to put your wishes and needs in second place to those of others or because it will be difficult to find the support and appreciation you expect. But, power on: remember the tortoise and the hare. The second half of the year could put travel on the agenda big time, and if you're seeking to expand your skills or add to your credentials, even take a test of any description, you should do very nicely. Indeed, effort plus self-belief equals success in every area of life. With no less than three eclipses focusing on your sign - 25 April, 10 May and 3 November - there is an element of fate to life in 2013, although in most cases what happens is really a product of your own unconscious desires...

Fab Dates: 15 February, 24 April, 14& 25 September, 12 November

Drab Dates: 27 January, 25 April, 1 May, 27 July, 6 November


Your loyalty and common sense are formidable, so that when people fail to live up to their promises or take actions that jeopardize your emotional stability and overall security, you feel the effects more keenly than most. There are many lessons to be learned in relationships this year, and your greatest teachers will be the people who challenge you, even hurt you. This does not mean 2013 will be a disappointing year for relationships because Saturn's role is also to encourage binding, long-term unions, but you cannot take people for granted. The rewards are to be found in widening your outlook, whether this entails travelling to foreign countries and working with people at or from a distance, and expanding your ‘empire' in a professional, financial or experiential way.

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