Stress less, relax more

Doing a little less may mean achieving a lot mor, says psychologist and life coach Lynda Field.

Turn off your phone, stop checking e-mails and spend some quiet time alone. Get out of the habit of "doing" continually and into the habit of just "being".

Thoughts that might be getting in your way
A desire to please everyone
Drop it; this is an impossible task.

A belief that everything has to be perfect
Get real and know that this will keep you rushing forever.

Negative thoughts
These can stop you from feeling optimistically calm. Make positively affirming statements (eg. I love my life, I choose to be happy).

A sense of not deserving relaxation time
Get over this! If you always keep going you will burn out soon. Start delegating.

Feeling like a victim
Remember your true value and act accordingly - you're worth it!

Habits that make relaxing a little bit harder
Poor time management skills
Write time-bound action plans and stick to them.

Just do it!

Continual worrying
If you need to take action then do so. And if there is nothing you can do, let it go.

You deserve to be happy and satisfied, so don't spoil things for yourself. Smile, relax and give thanks for your day.

Difficulty in saying "no"
Practise saying "no" out loud (in private), so you get used to the sound of it. Then go out and do it! This might be your best de-stressing tip ever.

For more details on Lynda Field Life Coaching, contact 01245-392295 or visit

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