Video: How To Blow-Dry Short Hair

With expert tips from hair stylist Kathleen Bray and advice from our Beauty Director Jo Glanville-Blackburn, after watching our exclusive hair how-to videos, you'll never have a bad hair day again!


Jo: Hi, my name is Jo Glanville-Blackburn, woman&home's Beauty Director. I'm here with Kathleen Bray, international hairstylist, and our model, Heather, to show you how to make short hair really sexy.

Kathleen: So with short hair, we're looking to get it sexy, frilly, and unfixed. So we're definitely going to use some volume and we'll get that from putting mousse in at the roots, just working it through the hair. Do you use mousse Heather?

Heather: I do use mousse. Occasionally, I use spray as well. I like mousse though - it works on my hair.

Kathleen: Yeah - you could use mousse, you could also use volumizing spray. It will give lift to the hair. It will give texture, and it will also help the hair to hold. So, now we're drying the hair and we're really lifting from the roots. We're not going to work in any particular order - we just really want to keep moving the dryer.

We're working with the haircut. So, you can work around the face like so. Use the shape of the head to give you a nice curve on the hair. I tend to just blow it in all directions, keep the space in the hair and the air in the hair.

Heather:  So the more I do this, the more volume I get?

Kathleen: Absolutely. You get more lift when you go against the grain. So, now we've got the hair dry - but we didn't dry in any particular direction. What we're doing now is just looking at the versatility of all of the possibilities with Heather's hair you can have.

Again, this depends on your haircut. But just moving the hair around, we're using a wide comb which is a kind of continuation of using the fingers. We can change the front of the hair, the direction and it really changes the face and how Heather looks. You can go one side. You can go to the centre. I like it every way, but I always like the centre.

The possibilities are just endless. If you look closely at your face, it's highly unlikely that one side will be the same as another.

Jo: So, there we go. Doesn't Heather's hair look amazing? It just goes to show how versatile short hair can really be. So, come back to soon.


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