Sagging skin FAQ's

by Lynn Cardy on Thursday, 13 August 2009

I hate injections, that whole needle thing is so scary.
Restylane Vital Light is delivered in what looks more like a pen than a regular hypodermic needle. After an anaesthetic cream is applied you’ll barely feel the needle at all – you’ll just hear a gentle click.

My neck has really collapsed into those circular lines. Can they really be lifted at all?
Yes. Restylane Vital Light can lift those rings right up. So much so, that lines worked on after a holiday can leave you with white rings where the sun hasn’t reached. Some clients have to use a bit of fake tan or bronzing powder to blend them in.

What causes the neck to go crepey – is it age?
A lot of it is down to sun exposure. It usually takes about three to four treatments to lift those rings and sort the crepey look.

I’ve got quite a lot of sun damage – how can I fix it fast?

A lot of clients are very sun damaged and impatient too. In that instance we give double treatments to lift and boost. Restylane Vital Light comes in 2ml doses allowing you to treat a greater surface area – more for your money!

Is there a post treatment skincare regime?
Yes, drink lots of water to keep hydrated, keep skin well moisturised and don’t risk sun exposure – use a sun cream diligently.

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