Facial exercise

Facial exercise helps minimise eye and forehead lines and makes skin look younger and firmer. Naturopath and nutritionist Vicki Edgson gives her facial muscles a workout.

I booked in with Marja Putkisto for facial rejuvenation through exercise.

Marja has taken this approach to a whole new level, establishing the Method Putkisto Institute for teaching her “method” to dentists, physiotherapists and doctors.

What the treatment promises: Reduced lines and increased cheek plumpness. You’ll also learn to smile properly, using the correct muscles.

The treatment: During my first one-to-one session, Marja explained how the two main sets of facial muscles worked.

She showed me how smiling with the two sets differs – the broad Julia Roberts smile uses the biting muscles, whilst the cuter, sexier, upturned Meg Ryan smile is from the central expression muscles.

I want the latter! Marja took me through a series of exercises that mimic the effects of Botox on the forehead, but actually strengthen the muscles, and the upper and lower eye area.

Next she concentrated on the swallowing muscles of the neck – this was very effective, and I could actually feel where the muscles were doing their work, in the same way I would in a Pilates or yoga session for the rest of my body.

She finished by giving me a full sheet of exercises and a follow-up DVD.

Is there pain? None – it’s actually quite relaxing, and really puts you in touch with your facial muscles.

Verdict: The next day, I could really feel the muscles in my neck had worked overtime.

I continued on a daily basis, doing between 20 and 25 minutes a day, gradually reducing the exercises to ten minutes a day after about three weeks.

The results are nothing short of miraculous. I genuinely look years younger and I’d say it’s really worth travelling to London for one session with Marja, if possible.

£150 per session.

Where to go: Marja Putkisto Facial Academy, Method Putkisto Institute, 56 Derby Road, London SW14 7DP. (020) 8878 7384. All prices correct at the time of publication. 


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