This is how to remove wine stains effortlessly according to an expert

Red, white or rosé - wine stains can be a nightmare when they happen but they can be easily removed

How to remove wine stains, Woman Reaching for Fallen Wine Glass
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With more of us spending more time than ever at home over the last 12 months as the world health pandemic took hold, it comes as no surprise that we've all been getting things dirty - and it's not just those who have been juggling work with homeschooling and parenting.

As we all adopt various lifestyle changes, whether it's starting a family, getting a new pet, or caring for a loved one, there's been an increase in the chances of us causing a household stain on your best jeans - from food and drink to DIY and mud stains from the great outdoors and everything in between.

As government guidelines instructed the closure of hospitality in countries such as the UK, more people opted to drink alcohol in their homes.  And with a 334.46% uplift in the search term wine stain, it looks like we all could do with some help after accidentally spilling our beverages.

But experts at Heating Wise have given us the low-down on how to lift wine stains AND the most Googled stains effortlessly using homemade concoctions, so you can put your feet up quicker...

Wine stain removal

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Coffee stain

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Painting stain

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Mud stain

Sofa stain

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Scuff marks

Oil stain

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