The Queen’s very surprising dining table rule has been revealed

Is this the rule at your dining table?

You’d expect a strict set of rules for dining with the monarch, but one specific rule might surprise you.

Being invited to have dinner with the Queen and royal family is quite the honour, but you’d likely be on your toes the entire time, as it’s not like your average dining experience.

Everyone dining with her, including other members of the Royal Family, are required to follow her every move and do what the Queen is doing throughout the meal.

That means if the Queen stops eating, you should too, even if everything in front of you is especially delicious. Which we’re sure it would be!

The Queen

In terms of what the monarch does enjoy eating, former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that she’s “not a foodie”.

Speaking to Hello Magazine, he revealed that a book full of menus would be sent for her to check over. He added, "She would put a line through the ones she didn't want.

"Sometimes she'd put a line through it all and put something different, like if she was having dinner with Prince Andrew, his favourite was crème brulee with Sandringham oranges."

Darren also explained that “she is absolutely a chocoholic”, adding that “anything we put on the menu that had chocolate on, she would choose”. We can definitely relate to that…

The Queen doesn’t drink alcohol every day, with Darren explaining that if she does have a glass with dinner then it’s usually “her favourite German sweet wine”.