Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles - how you can watch it in full

Princess Diana's wedding will be available for royal fans to watch on BritBox as the event makes its debut on the subscription channel

Princess Diana's wedding: The Prince and Princess of Wales smile and wave to the crowds during their carriage procession to Buckingham Palace after their wedding at St.Paul's Cathedral.
(Image credit: PA/PA Archive/PA Images)

Princess Diana fans will be able to relive one of the pinnacle moments in Royal family history with this iconic wedding as original coverage comes to BritBox.

Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding day took place in July 1981 and almost 40 years on from the historical nuptials, that saw Charles, Prince of Wales marry Lady Diana Spencer, fans can be part of the action.

For those who are hooked to Netflix drama The Crown, watch the full ceremony - from the huge crowds gathered on the streets of London to the ceremony in St Paul's Cathedral.

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The chronological footage will include news reports from the day, the scenes across London as members of the public lined the streets, and the memorable carriage procession as Lady Diana made her way to St Paul’s Cathedral, on a day that would change her life forever. 

See Charles, Diana and all of the Royal family returning to Buckingham Palace, the balcony appearance, the kiss & the Royal couple departing for their honeymoon. 

The classic Royal event revisited four decades on, presents a snapshot of life in 1981, the day the nation stood still to witness history being made.

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The newly married Prince and Princess of Wales (formerly Lady Diana Spencer) kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding ceremony at St. Paul's cathedral.

(Image credit: PA/PA Archive/PA Images)

Watched by an estimated 750 million around the world, this is a great opportunity to share the event with members of your family who were't born the first time it was aired. 

Forget reading about the stunning dress and all the royal detailing, you can watch the beauty unfold in front of your very eyes.

So what are you waiting for, grab a royal fan or a friend and some popcorn and tissues, to be amazed all over again at the 'fairytale' wedding.

And while it wasn't to be a happy ever after ending - Charles and Diana separated in 1992 and their divorce was finalised in January 1995 - you can enjoy the moment while it lasted.

Produced by ITN Productions, 'The 1981 Royal Wedding: A TV Event' is available now on BritBox so find out how you can subscribe.

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