The secret behind Prince Harry's new mystery ring in Australia

Prince Harry
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While the Duke of Sussex has been proudly sporting his wedding band in public ever since his May 19th nuptials to Meghan Markle, he's recently added a new ring to his collection.

During his and his wife Meghan's current tour of Australia, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a sleek new ring of Harrys, worn on the ring finger of his right hand.

But royal-watchers had been left baffled about where the ring had come from, and what the story behind it is.

And while you might assume that it has some personal, sentimental value - it actually has a much more practical function for HRH.

According to various publications, the subtle black ring is a sleep and activity tracker, used to help the wearer measure their sleep patterns, heart rate and levels of fitness.

It's thought that Prince Harry's latest accessory is the Oura ring, which sells between £275 and £920. The tracker also allows the Duke to measure his steps and calories, and to see how he's doing against his daily activity goals.

The Prince's new ring appears to be a slightly more modern version of the much-loved Fitbit, and all of its other variations.

So could it be that Harry is planning to get himself in tip-top shape in time for his and Meghan's new arrival in the Spring? It's well-known that the Duchess of Sussex is a huge fan of living a healthy lifestyle.

And when she and Harry got together, it was even reported that the Duchess helped Harry banish some of his bad habits, such as junk food and smoking - and instead, turned him on to green juices and yoga - some of her favourite things. So perhaps the ring was a gift from Meghan for her husband?

Whatever the case, we're sure the Duke's new jewellery is providing some great benefits.

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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