This is the UK city with the happiest marriages, according to research

We reckon it's fair to say that there really is no winning formula for love, or, in the same vein, for a successful, happy marriage.

Every relationship is different, and what works for one couple may not necessarily be the key to happiness for another.

But according to new research conducted by jewellery firm Beaverbrooks, one particular Northern city apparently has the most happily married couples in the UK, reports

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After surveying 2,000 British couples, who have been married for over ten years, it was found that the biggest percentage of those with a happy union were found in Liverpool.

Apparently, 48% of couples from the city said that they had a happy marriage. It's a big jump from the national average, which sits at just 38%.

So which other UK cities closely follow Liverpool for the happiest marriages?

While Nottingham has crept in closely behind, at 47%, places including Newcastle and Oxford find themselves lower down the list, at 41% - but it's still a higher figure than the national average.

These are the UK cities with the happiest marriages:

1. Liverpool – 48%

2. Nottingham – 47%

3. Plymouth – 44%

4. Cardiff – 43%

5. London – 43%

6. Sheffield – 42%

7. Stoke on Trent – 42%

8. Leeds – 41%

9. Newcastle 41%

10. Oxford – 41%

So what exactly are the Liverpudlians getting so right when it comes to a harmonious married life?

Reportedly, Beaverbrooks found that married couples in Liverpool spend the most time together, at 27 hours a week. So it seems like getting in some quality hang-out time with your partner could well be the secret to a more pleasant home life.

Of course, however, a happy marriage all depends on how you and your partner like to live your lives - and time spent apart doing your own thing may actually instead be the reason you're so happy to return home to each other.

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Plus, Beaverbrooks research only took into account couples who tied the knot 10+ years ago, when there are likely plenty of happy couples married for less time.

It all depends on your specific relationship - so we say, keep doing whatever it is that makes you and your husband/wife happiest!

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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