The Scary Reason Catherine And William Have Been Given Extra Royal Security For Their European Tour

poland tour kate and william
poland tour kate and william
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As members of one of the world's most famous families, it's normal when seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge out and about to expect a few bodyguard in tow, too.

But on the Cambridges' royal tour of Poland and Germany, a few royal experts have noticed that the security presence surrounding Catherine, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte has been bigger than ever before.

Correspondents and fans who have followed the family on their tour, which is intended as a way to maintain relationships between the two countries and the UK ahead of a final Brexit decision, have noticed more intense security measures than would normally be seen for the family.

More often than not, Catherine, William, and other members of the royal family generally have a few discreet bodyguards in tow, who usually blend subtly into the crowd.

But this time around, the presence has been dramatically heightened, with guards seen walking alongside their car, and even carrying out scrupulous checks as the royals make their way through their tour.

Victoria Murphy, who is royal correspondent for the Mirror and has been in Poland, noted that guards have been stood particularly close to the royals on this tour.

She said, "I have covered a lot of royal tours and I can't think of another one where the security presence has been as visible. At events we are seeing security people sometimes every few feet, even walking alongside the car which we wouldn't normally see.

Bearing in mind that when the VIPs arrive at an event we are often already in a secure area with our bags having been checked. Of course they are only doing their jobs, but we are used to security presence being a bit more discreet."

So what's the reason for the rise in protection? Given the higher than usual number of terror attacks across Europe recently, it's thought that the families protection officers are taking steps to be more alert than ever.

Poland's threat level is said to be low. However, the current terror threat level in the UK still stands at severe, while Germany's is also at a high level following the 2016 attack on the capital of Berlin.

So it's understandable, given the Cambridge's worldwide fame, and the fact that their two young children have also joined them abroad, that the family of four are aiming to be extra cautious with their safety .

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