Five-star Amazon travel pillow branded “game changer” for long haul flights

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  • Going on holiday is an exciting time, but sometimes travelling for long periods of time can be a pretty uncomfortable experience.

    Thankfully there’s a travel pillow out there that’s meant to be ideal for long-haul flights. Amazon customers are loving the Trtl pillow, and it’s racked up almost 2,000 five star reviews on the website.

    What makes it so great is that it provides head and neck support when you sleep during a flight, and it’s scientifically proven too. It’s been designed with the help of chiropractors and physiotherapists.

    Better yet, its design ensures it’s suitable for any neck shape, jaw, and shoulder.

    Trtl Travel Pillow, £24.95

    travel pillow

    Credit: Amazon

    According to the creators of Trtl: “If you sleep well, you create the foundation to experience more.

    “Our goal in everything we do is to help you for whatever adventure life throws at you next. Make the most of your time. Sleep well. Dream big.”

    And priced at just under £25, it seems like an absolute travel essential. Simply wear it like a scarf when travelling, and it creates a hammock-like effect to keep you cushioned and supported for as long as you need.

    The Trtl Travel Pillow only weights 136g, so it’s great even if you’re planning on packing light. This is one pillow that won’t take up too much space on your journey.

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    travel pillow

    Credit: Amazon

    It’s even washing machine friendly, so you can ensure it’s clean each time you take it with you.

    Travellers are certainly impressed with the innovative pillow, with one review coming from a tourist who flew all the way to Australia. They wrote: “This actually works!

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    “I travelled to Australia on two very long flights from the UK last week. I actually slept for the first time on a plane.”

    Another wrote: “Bought for long haul flights. This by no means replicates the quality of sleep you get in bed, but I do get the best sleep I have ever had whilst flying when I use it (and certainly compared to inflatable ones we have bought previously)”

    “Tried this based on the good reviews and wasn’t disappointed. Absolute game-changer for a long haul flight”, another review read.

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