It’s official: taking more holidays could help you live longer

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  • As if we needed more excuses to book yet another trip, research now suggests that taking longer holidays will prolong your life span.

    Yes, that fortnight you spent lounging by the pool in Greece, or cruising in the Caribbean, was actually good for your health. The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) has given us even more reason to book our next trip, as a study that took place over a 40-year period has found that taking more holidays is actually good for our health and could prolong our life span.

    The results of the study, presented at the ESC’s annual conference in Munich this year, found that people who take less than three weeks of holiday a year are 37% more likely to die early in the next three decades.

    The research, which began in 1970, followed the lifestyles of 1,222 middle-aged men born between 1919 and 1934. It established that those who took shorter vacations had a 37% greater chance of dying early.

    It’s no surprise, of course, that holidays are good for reducing stress – most of us travel to unwind, after all – but in a 2017 study commissioned by tour operator Hayes & Jarvis, results showed that 32% of Brits feel stressed about work while on holiday, and 30% said their trip had even been ruined by work.

    Respondents said they need a full two days to switch off, with 75% of Londoners needing double that time to finally relax. So it seems the case for three-week cruise of the Med is absolutely solid, after all.

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    Now, where did we leave our suitcase?

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