Inside The Ice Hotel: What It's Really Like To Stay In Lapland's Beautiful Igloo Hotel

Inside the Ice Hotel - igloo hotel, Lapland

Imagine waking up in a beautiful sculpted bedroom made entirely of ice and snow. It's one of the most incredible travel experiences, which is why we've created an exclusive trip for woman&home readers to the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland (opens in new tab).

In the depth of winter, you may expect it to be chilly 200km north of the Arctic, especially when lying on a bed made of ice. But when you're wrapped in Arctic furs and lying on a thick mattress of reindeer hides, you're guaranteed to keep warm. Many guests say they've never enjoyed a better night's sleep!

This amazing property (opens in new tab) was the world's first ice hotel, founded in 1989, and is rebuilt every year from the frozen water of the nearby Torne River. In summer, the rising temperatures melt the hotel, returning the water to its source.

What's it like inside Icehotel?

Over 40 artists from around the world are involved in designing the spectacular structure, created using a combination of ice and snow, known as ‘sn-ice.' What's most impressive is that none of the artists are required to have worked with ice before. The designs are selected based on originality, meaning that no two suites are ever the same.

Notable designs in the most recent Icehotel include the ‘Elephant in the Room' which features a gigantic elephant head ice sculpture, as well as ‘Dancers in the Dark,' which can be found in the Icehotel's new permanent structure, 365.

The Ice Rooms and individually-designed Art Suites fan out from the hallway, which is decorated with ice chandeliers and leads towards the Icebar - where drinks are served in glasses made of ice! After one night in an icy chamber, you'll enjoy two nights in warm accommodation. Book your place on this exclusive holiday (opens in new tab)

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Ice Hotel holidays

During the day there's lots to keep you busy, from husky sledding and Northern Lights watching, to romantic starlit dinners.

On our Icehotel trip (opens in new tab), which we've organised in collaboration with Nordic travel specialist Discover the World, you can expect a few exclusive extras too... You'll hear a talk from Dr Melanie Windridge, one of the world's leading experts on the Northern Lights, and meet some of the creative team who designed and built the Icehotel itself. It really is an opportunity not to be missed!