Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, breaks his silence after being shot

Lady Gaga’s dog walker, who was shot in the chest last week, has opened up about the ordeal

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Ryan Fischer was walking Lady Gaga’s three dogs last week when he was shot in the chest. The dog walker is now in recovery and has taken to social media to discuss his experience. 

Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was attacked on February 24, 2021, while he was walking Lady Gaga’s three french bulldogs, Koji, Gustav, and Asia. The perpetrators shot the dog walker was shot in the chest and kidnapped Koji and Gustav before driving away. Since the incident, the two dogs have been returned, and Ryan has been recovering in hospital.

Ryan Fischer took to Instagram, Valley of the Dogs, to discuss his ordeal. In the images he posted, he was in the hospital and was hooked up to various machines and tubes. 

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Ryan referred to one of Lady Gaga’s dogs, Asia, as an angel in the caption as he opened up about his attack. He said, “4 days ago, while a car sped away and blood poured from my gunshot wound, an angel trotted over and laid next to me.” 

He wrote that it was Asia and Lady Gaga’s other dogs that encouraged him to stay alive. He said, “I cradled Asia as best I could, thanked her for all the incredible adventures we’d been on together, apologized that I couldn’t defend her brothers, and then resolved that I would still try to save them… and myself.”

The dog walker also said in a second post that he was happy that Lady Gaga was reunited with her pets. He wrote, “Lady Gaga, your babies are back, and the family is whole… we did it!” 

He went on to reveal that the star was extremely supportive during the whole ordeal. He wrote, “You have shown so much support throughout this whole crisis to both me and my family. But your support as a friend, despite your own traumatic loss from your kids, was unwavering. I love you and thank you.”

Fans have flocked to show their support for Ryan. On Instagram, one said, “As a fellow dog walker in LA, I was hit very hard with this story and have not stopped thinking and praying for you. I am so inspired by your courage and can’t wait for you to make a full recovery. You are a hero! “ Another commenter said, “I’m so grateful your healing and the dogs are found. Sending lots of love.”

Lady Gaga thanked Ryan Fischer and called him a hero on Twitter, “I continue to love you, Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero.” Gaga offered $500,000  for her dog's return, and she has now been reunited with the kidnapped french bulldogs after a woman, who police believe is “uninvolved and unassociated” with the shooters, returned Koji and Gustav.

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