Zara Tindall proves she's got her grandmother's dry humor as she accuses Mike of 'cheating' on her

Zara Tindall has got a sharp wit, just like her mother and grandmother, as she casually jokes about husband Mike “cheating”

Zara Tindall challenged Mike on cheating with another wife while on I'm a Celebrity...
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Zara Tindall has accused husband Mike Tindall of cheating on her. Well, sort of. The granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth and daughter of Princess Anne showed off her dry, self-deprecating humor as she talked about watching Mike develop a TV wife while he took part in the British reality series, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Mike Tindall finished in fourth place in the latest season of British reality show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

While on the show, he entertained audiences and his fellow celebrities alike with tales of his and Zara’s wild first date. His choice of trunks also kept people amused, with many insisting the Budgie Smugglers were, in fact, Zara’s bikini bottoms.

After being apart from Zara for so long, the pair enjoyed an adorable loved up reunion photo, but it wasn’t long before they reverted back to the classic British dry humor.

In footage from I’m a Celebrity showing the camp mates leaving the jungle, Mike is shown driving back to the hotel with Zara, where he confesses to having another wife.

In the clip, Mike joked, "I’m sorry I had a camp wife in there, but she was brilliant.”

Zara then replies, "Cheating on me."

Of course, it’s all in good fun. They are referring to soap actress Sue Cleaver, who bonded with the former rugby player while in the Australian jungle.

Mike and Zara have been together for 18 years

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Not one to take things too seriously, Zara immediately goes back to poking fun at her husband, and his dubious rapping skills.

"You went in early with that on day 2, teed yourself up for it and that’s your repertoire gone."

Even if they joke and tease, fans were smitten with the love shown between the pair throughout. Zara was seen running to hug her hubby after he lost out on a place in the final, making her the first royal to ever appear on the reality series – something many audiences never expected to see.

Zara also opened up about the hardest part of the rugby player being away, saying their “children missed him.”

Mike and Zara share three children

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Mike and Zara, who have been together for 18 years, have three children, Mia, Lena, and Lucas.

In a moving moment shown on the season, Zara wrote a letter to Mike. It read, “Hi my love. We are missing you so much and really needing some papa hugs, but glad you’re sharing them with your campmates.”

“The girls are enjoying sports and throwing themselves into everything at the moment and the little man is loving life, smashing it up, learning some new words.”

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