Why Kate Middleton is 'more confident' than husband Prince William, according to an expert

A body language expert explains how Kate Middleton's stance is more confident, while the Duke of Cambridge tends to hold back at royal engagements

 Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton speak with Eamonn Kelly who is now living in a modular home, after posing for a photograph, during a visit to housing charity Jimmy's in Cambridge
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Kate Middleton is more relaxed and open during public engagements, according to a body language expert who analyzed their behavior during their first joint portrait unveiling. 

The Royal Family marked a key moment in history last week, unveiling Prince William and Kate Middleton's first official joint portrait, painted by award-winning portrait artist Jamie Coreth. 

After the big reveal at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William were pictured chatting and drinking beer with locals in Cambridge. 

During what was likely a nerve-wracking time for the couple, a body language expert picked up on how they handled the big occasion - and the more relaxed gathering afterward. 

Body language expert Darren Stanton analyzed both Kate Middleton and Prince William, observing how both were, understandably, "far more relaxed" when interacting with locals after the unveiling. But the expert also picked up on some key differences between how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge respond to public engagements, commenting that Duchess Catherine appears "more confident".

"Again, Kate appears to be the more confident one out of herself and William when interacting with people and we see a genuine sense of happiness from her - this wasn’t as present during the unveiling, denoting that some of the gestures shown at that event were more of a formality," Darren, speaking on behalf of Slingo, told us.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend Cambridgeshire County Day at Newmarket Racecourse during an official visit to Cambridgeshire on June 23, 2022 in Cambridge, England

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"Sometimes William is more reticent than Kate - he is always cognizant of the fact he is a future king and even though he’s willing to relax more than other senior royals when it comes to protocol - as he wants to be a much more relaxed monarch - he is more aware of his behavior and therefore can hold himself back."

"There’s no denying, however, the joy that William gets out of connecting with members of the public and it’s clear Kate is always on hand to encourage him to get stuck in."

The body language expert also commented on Duchess Catherine's outfit choice and how that demonstrates a willingness to connect with others. Kate Middleton's dresses are often a more laid-back style than William's tailored suits, but it's the color of the dress on this occasion that Stanton has picked up on. 

"The first significant thing that strikes me about Kate during the portrait unveiling is the color she has chose to wear. Her go-to power colors are blue and red, but here she’s chosen a softer, purple shade."

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend Cambridgeshire County Day at Newmarket Racecourse during an official visit to Cambridgeshire on June 23, 2022 in Cambridge

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"Purple is a more spiritual color and psychologically is the color of communication. Kate wears this when she wants to connect with other people and deflect attention away from herself."

He also argues that this shows another key difference between the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, as his failsafe suit is a less approachable look.

However, Darren also notes that William has removed his tie for this engagement, signifying an attempt to appear more relaxed. "William was, of course, in his trademark suit again, but you’ll notice he was not wearing a tie. Like Kate, this more informal and casual look signifies his willingness to appear approachable and connect with others."

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