Kate Middleton's new decision that's allowing her to 'spread her wings'

According to an inside source, this is why Kate Middleton has been opting to wear so many power suits recently

Catherine, Princess of Wales is pictured with a fringe and blown-out, curly hair during a visit to the Grange Pavilion as they celebrate the beginning of Black History Month on October 03, 2023 in Cardiff, Wales.
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In recent weeks, Kate Middleton has been wearing a notable amount of power suits, after also debuting a new 'curtain bangs' hairstyle - and according to an inside source, this could be why.

In case you haven't noticed, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has been wearing a lot of daring pantsuits recently - and of course, we're not complaining. She also debuted a new curtain bangs hairstyle recently, so this new 'do paired with her newfound affinity for power suits has just made her even more effortlessly chic in an aesthetic shift we can totally get behind. 

But why now is the royal turning a new sartorial leaf? Sources told the Daily Mail UK that her aesthetic changes are purposeful. 

Catherine, Princess of Wales arrives for a visit to visit AW Hainsworth

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Many have wondered whether these new fashion choices, particularly the pantsuits, have anything to do with a new royal stylist coming into the frame for Kate - but as it turns out, the Princess has just become more comfortable in her position, allowing her to branch out and explore her personal style more. 

The combination of Kate being in her role as Princess of Wales for one whole year now, as well as her efforts to progress her "Shaping Us" campaign, have allowed her to take more liberties and feel more confident in her new position. 

"She’s been spreading her wings and creating a public awareness on important issues that are close to her heart. People have sat up and taken notice," the source told Daily Mail. "This is a lifelong campaign for her and the fact that it has been so well received has given her an enormous amount of confidence."

Catherine, Princess of Wales visits Fitzalan High School

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Sources also believe that Kate's newfound appreciation for more "cutting edge" styles may have something to do with a new era of royal reign, as some royals besides the Princess are also branching out. Even Queen Camilla wore a blue power suit to a royal engagement recently, at the Hampton Court literary festival in June. 

The source also said that they believe the royal family to be moving more toward a "business-like" approach to the way they run their family, rather than relying on historical traditions to carry them through as past royal eras have done. 

"There’s a definite sense of the couple running their duties in a more business-like away, with far less of the historic fripperies, and I suspect that’s filtered through to other areas of their lives," the source said, referencing William and Kate's family

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