Who is Millie Mackintosh? The London socialite who claims Meghan Markle ditched her for royal life

What you need to know about Millie Mackintosh, Meghan Markle's former friend who claims she was ghosted by the Duchess of Sussex

Millie Mackintosh
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Here is what you need to know about Millie Mackintosh, the London socialist who has revealed that the Duchess of Sussex ditched her as a friend when she first started dating Prince Harry.

Millie Mackintosh has revealed that she was once friends with Meghan Markle but was 'ghosted' by the Duchess when she started dating Prince Harry. In the episode, Millie said that this was a story she had 'never told publically before' but wanted to share this story about her friendship with Meghan.

"About eight years ago I went to the opening of a hotel, it was in Istanbul, and I met Meghan Markle," said Mille as she revealed she was a fan of Suits and they both got chatting at the bar after ordering a drink at the same time. She reveals they were fast friends and stayed in touch.

"When she would come to London, she didn't know London very well - or know that many people in London - so we would hang out. We'd go out for brunch, we'd go to yoga, we went for a stroll," said Millie to her co-star Charlie Boud as she revealed she showed her 'favorite spots' in Chelsea.

Millie revealed that they talked about their divorces and that was 'quite bonding' for them both. She said they hung out a 'handful' of times but they were by no means 'best friends' nonetheless, she didn't expect to get ditched by the star.

"Then the last time I saw her was down at a hotel in the Cotswolds, I went down there on a summer's day she was staying there, and she was like just come and hang out, what I thought was going to be a day of yoga and chilling, ended up being rosè and margaritas in the pool and we just had a really fun afternoon. She's really fun, there were pictures taken of us riding around on the bikes, as you do, and that was the last time I saw her," she said.

"When I was there, and we were chatting and she told me about Harry and that they were messaging, and a friend had introduced them and she was going to see where it went and I thought great, that's nice for her," she clarified that she had never met the Prince but was excited for her friend. 

Months later when it came out in the press that the pair were dating Millie revealed that she messaged Meghan with her support. "I messaged her and said: 'Hey I hope you're OK, thinking of you,' and she just sent me this really abrupt message, that was really unlike any of our communications before."

"I didn't message her again, but I did expect that we would stay in touch," said Millie. "I thought she'd message back and say, 'Sorry everything is a bit stressful right now.'" Millie revealed she essentially felt that Meghan had told her to 'f**k off' in her previous message so, 'We haven't spoken since'.

Millie then added, "My take on it is that she's like 'Right I'm going to be royal now, I don't need Millie in my life', I mean what could I offer her at that point, she'd met her Prince and I was on a reality show, so I'm guessing she was like, 'I can't be associated with Made In Chelsea, I'm going to be royal!"

Who is Millie Mackintosh?

Millie Mackintosh

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Millie Mackintosh is an Influencer and public figure in the UK. The star first made a name for herself after appearing on the reality TV series, Made In Chelsea. The star was a key member of the cast from season one to season five and the show provided her with fame and influence to promote a number of business ventures.

Millie was previously married to British Rapper Professor Green from 2013 to 2016. The couple ended their relationship with divorce and Millie married Hugo Taylor in 2018 and the pair share two daughters named Sienna and Aurelia.

Hugo and Millie dated from 2010 to 2011 while they both appeared in Made In Chelsea, but their relationship ended when Millie discovered he had cheated on her with her friend Rosie. However, as we know, the pair ultimately worked things out and are now married with children.

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