Which royal has the most attractive smile? A dentist has applied the golden ratio to find out

Princess Beatrice has the most attractive smile according to dentists

The most attractive smile out of the royal family has been calculated by a dentist
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Princess Beatrice has the most attractive smile out of the Royal Family, a dentist has found. To find this out, they applied something known as the golden proportion. Beatrice topped the list with a near perfect score of 9.09 out of 10.

A strong smile can make all the difference – it can put someone at ease, it can be a sign of confidence and it can inspire trust and relatability in a person.

So a smile is a vital asset for a royal, who must come across as unflappable, secure and at ease.

The dental experts at ExpressDentist conducted a study to work out which of the royals have the most attractive smile based on something known as the golden proportion.

Kate Middleton was ranked fourth in the most attractive smiles

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Dentists use this method which measures the proportion between teeth widths. A golden proportion is present between the widths of the eight anterior teeth when viewed from straight on. The dentists in this study also measured the whiteness of the royal’s smiles based on the RGB color scale.

With all of that factored in, Princess Beatrice takes the crown for the royal with the most attractive smile, scoring a dazzling 9.09 out of 10.

Princess Beatrice has the most attractive smile

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In a recent outing at Ascot, Beatrice debuted her new name change, Princess Beatrice, Mrs Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, so she’s definitely got lots to smile about.

Coming in second in the dentist’s study was Beatrice’s sister, Eugenie, who scored a 7.27 out of 10.

Meghan Markle's smile rounds out the top three, with a winning score of 6.82.

Meghan Markle's smile has come out as the third most attractive

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She just pips Duchess Catherine, who landed at number four with a score of 5.91.

The top 10 smiles in full

  • Princess Beatrice, 9.09/10
  • Princess Eugenie, 7.27/10
  • Meghan Markle, 6.82/10
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 5.91/10
  • Prince William, 5.45/10
  • Prince Charles, 4.09/10
  • Prince Harry, 3.63/10
  • Princess Anne, 3.63/10
  • The Queen, 2.72/10
  • Prince Edward, 1.36/10
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