'We can all feel lonely' admits Kate Middleton and Prince William as they record Mental Health Minute message

The royal couple interrupted all of the UK's radio stations yesterday for this important announcement

Kate and William
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took to the airwaves yesterday to talk about how we can look after friends who are suffering from loneliness. 

The royal couple used the radio stations in the UK to make sure everyone heard their mental health message yesterday - which centred on being 'kind' to friends who are lonely.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, who just a couple of days ago send a heartfelt tribute to Deborah James after her devastating announcement, both went on to say that 'we can all feel lonely at times'. 

The one-minute-long message, which played on all UK radio stations at the same time, started with William saying: "We can all feel lonely sometimes… we can feel it for many different reasons."

Kate then added: "But we can all help each other feel less isolated and more connected. If you think someone you know might be feeling lonely, just give them a ring, send them a text or knock on the door."

While William, who started up mental health charity Heads Up with his wife, went on to say: "Maybe suggest meeting for a coffee or a walk."

"Because these small acts of kindness can make a big difference and help us all feel less lonely. So, apologies for interrupting every radio station in the country," the couple both said.

Then went on to conclude with: "But, if we interrupt the lives of those who are feeling alone - we can help lift them out of loneliness."

The kind words by the royal couple bring their week of mental health awareness nearly to an end. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spent two days in Scotland undertaking a series of engagements focusing on mental health - where Kate's royal knowledge was put to the test.

While last week Kate spoke out on her experiences of ‘lonely and overwhelming’ times as she shone a light on ‘vital work’ and announced her new role as Patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance with a heartfelt Instagram video. The mother of three described parenthood as a "gift", however, she also got candid about how the early years of a child’s life are “demanding”. 

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