This unusual sandwich filling is said to be the Queen's favorite

The Queen reportedly has simple taste when it comes to her sandwich selections

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The Queen is said to favor this unusual sandwich filling, according to a former royal chef.

The Queen is well known for her preferences; strong tea, good manners and a cheeky Dubonnet and gin as an aperitif. 

Darren McGrady was a former chef at the Savoy Hotel in London and has previously revealed exactly which sandwiches the Queen herself prefers on his YouTube channel.

The Queen typically enjoys afternoon tea for 3.30pm and 5pm and is usually served with a selection of sandwiches and scones - but there's one sandwich in particular that Her Majesty prefers. 

McGrady said, "The Queen was served jam pennies in the nursery as a little girl, she’s had them for afternoon tea ever since.

"Simple, just bread and jam with a little butter - usually strawberry jam. We’d make the jam at Balmoral Castle with the gorgeous Scottish strawberries from the gardens."

McGrady continued to say how much Her Majesty loved the ritual of afternoon tea. He explained, “She’d always have afternoon tea wherever she was in the world. We’d flown out to Australia and were on the Royal Yacht. 

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"It was five o’clock in the morning but for the Queen it was five in the afternoon so my first job was making scones.

 "When I started as a young chef at Buckingham Palace, it was fascinating to see how important afternoon tea was to the Queen.

"In terms of scones - one day plain and one day with raisins folded through. Also, tiny pastries like raspberry tartlets and a cut cake, honey and cream sponge, fruit cake, banana bread, or her favorite chocolate biscuit cake.

"It would all be 'washed down' with a delightful steaming hot cup of Earl Grey tea."

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