The Queen's rebellious decision when Princess Anne was born

The Queen rebelled against her grandparents when she named her daughter

Queen rebellious Princess Anne name
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The late Queen Elizabeth II seemingly rebelled against a decision made by her grandparents when Princess Anne was born.

Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, however it seems that the late monarch rebelled a little when it came to choosing her name. 

On August 15th 1950, when her mother was still Princess Elizabeth, Anne was born at Clarence House in London, where her parents lived with one-year-old Prince Charles at the time. 

And when it came to naming her daughter, Queen Elizabeth chose a name that her father had rejected for Princess Margaret back in 1930.

Queen rebellious Princess Anne name

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When King George VI and the Queen Mother welcomed Princess Margaret, they were keen to name her Ann, but the name was rejected when King George V and Queen Mary were consulted. 

Margaret's parents, who were the Duke and Duchess of York at the time, asked for advice on their name choices, with her mother penning a letter to the King and Queen. 

William Shawcross, who wrote the The Official Biography Of The Queen Mother, says that the letter read, "I think Ann of York sounds so pretty and Elizabeth and Ann go so well together. I wonder what you think?"

Queen rebellious Princess Anne name

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However, the pair weren't keen on the name and persisted that the new royal baby should be named after Margaret of Scotland - and so she was christened Margaret Rose. 

However, it seems that Queen Elizabeth chose to honor her parents' hopes to have their chosen name in the family, naming her own daughter Anne. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip welcomed four children over the course of their 73-year marriage. 

After marrying in 1947, Elizabeth and Philip welcomed King Charles the following year with Princess Anne coming along shortly after. 

The couple added two more sons to their brood several years later, with Prince Andrew being born in 1960 and the youngest Windsor, Prince Edward, completing the family in 1964. 

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