The Queen's nerdy trick revealed to stunned lunch guests

The Queen's nerdy trick was uncovered during a lunch at Windsor Castle, when she identified makes and models of planes by sound alone

The Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this year
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The Queen's nerdy trick, identifying planes from a nearby airport by sound alone, was revealed during a lunch at her home in Windsor Castle. As stunned guests looked on, here's what happened.

The Queen's nerdy trick came to light during an afternoon with her racing pals at Windsor Castle. Per HELLO!, the head of the Royal Family took great pleasure in flaunting her unusual skill.

"The Queen was lunching at Windsor Castle with racing friends," they explain. "'Boeing 747,' she said as a plane flew overhead. Then she said, 'That’s an Airbus.'"

It can only be assumed that the specialist ability was gained via a lifetime frequenting her beloved Windsor Home, which is very near to London's Heathrow airport.

"As Windsor is right next to Heathrow, planes can be heard roaring past at all hours. The Queen can identify each type by its different sound."

This is yet another unusual tidbit of information about Her Majesty, who's remained very composed and private throughout her reign. Despite this moments when she's let the facade slip and revealed her cheeky sense of humor are often reported.

The Queen In Windsor Great Park

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Who could forget the Queen's surprising party trick? Heaven forfends the history books forget Queen’s hilarious response after Balmoral tourists failed to recognize her on country walk.

It appears that her skills also extend to having a sense of humor towards being the butt of jokes, which is highly unexpected considering the pomp and circumstance surrounding her day-to-day existence. 

One example of this was when the Queen pranked was by her personal assistant during an Australian royal engagement—and what unfolded was pure hilarity!

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