The Queen feels 'wary' after Prince Harry revealed details of their private meeting

The Queen is feeling concerned after a private meeting with her grandson

The Queen
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The Queen feels 'wary' of her grandson Prince Harry after he revealed details of their private meeting in a new interview, according to a source.

Following Prince Harry's open discussion about their meeting, a royal source has claimed that the monarch is feeling increasingly concerned.

They told the Daily Mail, “A wariness has crept in in recent times, just as it did with Princess Diana.”

This comes after Prince Harry opened up about his 'special relationship' with the Queen. He said on TODAY, "Being with her was great, it was so nice to see her. She is on great form, she always got a great sense of humor with me. I am just making sure she is protected and got the right people around her." 

He added of their 'special relationship', "we talk about things that she can't talk about with anyone else, so that always a nice piece to her."

The Prince then revealed that despite their close relationship, he was uncertain if he would be attending the Queen's Platinum Jubilee which is scheduled to take place this summer. He said that security was still a major concern but he hoped to introduce his children to the Queen.

Meanwhile, another source has hit back at the suggestion Harry is the favorite of the Queen's eight grandchildren.

The source claims that Harry “mythologized” his relationship with her during the interview.

The insider said, "No longer content to claim a special status with his mother, he now seems to be mythologizing his relationship with his grandmother.

"Would she recognize this description? I very much doubt it."

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