The Queen and Prince Philip's love language that Meghan Markle shares - but Prince Harry doesn't

The Queen and Prince Philip's love language is one that Meghan Markle has been focused on re-learning in recent years...

Queen and Prince Philip's love language that Meghan Markle shares. Seen here are the Queen and Prince Philip and Meghan and Prince Harry on separate occasions
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The late Queen and Prince Philip's love language is one that Meghan Markle shares but Prince Harry doesn't seem to. 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s love story was one of the most iconic in recent British history and the devoted couple were married for 73 years before the Duke of Edinburgh passed away in April 2021. They spent the pandemic together at Windsor Castle and even when they were apart, the Queen and Prince Philip’s heart-warming daily habit of phoning each other ensured they still kept connected and supported each other. 

The Queen and Prince Philip’s love language could also have been a special way they communicated as both spoke brilliant French. Prince Philip spent seven years of his childhood living in France after his family went into exile and as revealed by the Royal Family website back in 2002, his flair for French never left him. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh attend The OUT-SOURCING Inc Royal Windsor Cup polo match

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At the time they stated that the Duke of Edinburgh “still [spoke] the language well” and this is one of the many things he and his beloved wife had in common. 

The late Queen was known to be fluent in French and once even delivered a speech entirely in the language during a visit to Quebec, Canada in 1964. Often known in popular culture as the ‘language of love’ French is also literally one of the romance languages - languages that evolved from Latin. The French capital, Paris, is also widely considered to be the ‘City of Love’. 

Given that they both spoke French so confidently, it’s possible that this could have been the Queen and Prince Philip’s love language spoken sometimes together. Either way, it’s lovely to think that their passion for the French language and keeping it up throughout their lives is something they both  appear to have shared.  

Queen Elizabeth II inspecting guards upon her arrival in Quebec

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It’s a passion Meghan Markle has also been vocal about in recent years. The Duchess of Sussex candidly revealed to Variety in 2022 that she tries to do “10 minutes of Duolingo” as part of her evening routine once Archie and Lilibet are tucked up in bed in their Santa Barbara mansion

“I really wanted to re-learn French,” she exclaimed. “I’d studied it for the four years in high school and then it just went away.” 

This isn’t the first time that Meghan’s passion for learning and speaking French has come to light as back in 2019 she was videoed asking questions in French during her and Prince Harry’s royal visit to Morocco. 

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Whilst in 2018 the Daily Mail claimed that the Duchess of Sussex shared that she had been “trying to get better at [her] French over the last year” as she left an engagement at Hubb Community Kitchen in London.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry isn’t nearly as confident in French as his wife. As per The Times, he confessed during a trip to New Zealand in 2015 that he’d “learned French at school” but that he’d “forgotten almost all of it”. It’s possible he’s been tempted to get back into learning it with Meghan but if not it seems that the Queen and Prince Philip’s love language isn’t one he shares.

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