The heartbreaking promise held between the Queen and Prince Philip revealed

The Queen and her late husband had a sweet pact

The Queen
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The Queen and her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, held a sweet pact in which they promised not to mourn one another for too long.

The Queen is back to full time royal duties after the passing of Prince Philip in April. 

Last week, the monarch visited the set of Coronation Street as part of her royal tour and was pictured chatting to cast members including Bill Roache.

However, some royal commentators had Her Majesty to step away from the public eye after her husband of 73 years died, like her ancestor Queen Victoria did when her husband passed.

But on the contrary, the Queen is showing no signs of slowing down, and one royal expert has revealed that this is because she and Prince Philip made a sweet promise to each other years ago.

On Pod Save The Queen, host Ann Gripper and Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers spoke about how the monarch has re-engaged with public life.

Russell explained, "Of course she’s still mourning, but her and Philip and had a ‘long-held promise’ that whoever would go first, or be left behind rather, would mourn the other one—but not for too long, and would get on with the business of running the family, running the monarchy, the country, and doing the role.

“And Philip knew how important that was to the Queen and if the Queen had unfortunately passed before him, you probably wouldn’t have seen Philip retire."

He added, “You probably would have seen him heading up the family in a different way, instructing the family on how to do things.

“I think this [energy from the Queen] is an actual cause of him passing and the conversations the Queen and Philip had had before his unfortunate death.”

The Royal Family mourned Philip officially for a two-week period after his death and they only went on official engagements when they were deemed appropriate.

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