Kate Middleton does this at almost every royal engagement—and it's inspired by Princess Diana

It seems Kate Middleton learned this habit from her late mother-in-law

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Kate Middleton does one thing at almost every royal engagement—and it's inspired by the late Princess Diana.

Being part of the royal family, it’s no wonder Kate Middleton is used to having her fashion choices thoroughly examined and discussed.

As her style matured over the years, the royal has also become a master at using her outfits to send messages. But fans have also spotted that the Duchess usually carries her bag in her left hand—a habit she seems to have learned from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton

Etiquette and royal expert Myka Meier revealed on Instagram that Diana used to do this so she could have her right hand free to shake hands when she’s greeting people.

Alongside pictures of Princess Diana carrying her bag in her left hand, the expert wrote, ‘Royal Etiquette Hack: When entering a room or event, handbags or briefcases are held in the LEFT hand so that your right-hand stays open to meet, greet and shake hands! Prince Charles does this too!🤴 Flip to see pics of Princess Diana showing us the way 😍 👸’.

Royal fans were impressed with the tip, with one saying, "Solid advice!"

And this is not the only thing Catherine has seemingly picked up from Princess Diana’s royal life.

Another royal expert has also previously pointed out that Catherine’s approach to motherhood is also similar to how Diana raised William and Harry.

Royal commentator Neil Sean said on Australia’s Today Show, “If you remember when Princess Diana was with us, what she did was very clever. She sort of made sure that William and Harry had normal lives if you like."

“There was a very famous picture of them queuing in McDonald’s in Kensington, and then there was the other picture of them at funfairs and amusement parks. Well, Kate has done the same thing, she has taken the same route."

“There was actually a picture of Kate shopping for Halloween treats with George and Charlotte in a local supermarket near to where they were staying.”

From fashion to family life, we wonder if there are any other ways Catherine has followed Diana's lead...

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