Royals fans fear Queen has Covid as Buckingham Palace refuses to confirm negative status

The Queen met with Prince Charles, who has tested positive for Covid for a second time, just two days ago

Royals fans fear Queen has Covid as Buckingham Palace refuses to confirm negative status
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Fears are growing that the Queen has Covid as Buckingham Palace declines to confirm if she has tested negative or positive.

Royal fans are worried that the Queen has Covid as Buckingham Palace refuses to confirm if she has tested negative or positive for the virus. 

Prince Charles tested positive for Covid on Thursday, just two days after he came into contact with the 95-year-old monarch at Windsor Castle

The future King is currently self-isolating and has canceled his upcoming engagements while he recovers from the infection. It's understood that the 73-year-old was informed of the concerning news during a routine Covid test, just minutes before he was due to unveil a statue in Winchester. 

Duchess Camilla, who attended a British Asian Trust event alongside her husband at the British Museum on Wednesday, has tested negative for coronavirus. Like Prince Charles and the Queen, she has been tripled vaccinated against Covid. 

Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla attended an event for the British Asian Trust the evening before the prince tested positive

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The 74-year-old admitted during a solo engagement that her husband is finding his second bout of Covid "a bit tiresome", having caught it for the first time in March 2020. 

The Queen is currently not showing any symptoms of the virus but is now being 'closely monitored' at Windsor Castle, where she will likely face days of testing as a precautionary measure. Her Majesty has managed to avoid contracting the virus since the onset of the pandemic, becoming one of the first Brits to receive the vaccine back in January 2021. 

As Buckingham Palace's silence prevails, royal fans are becoming increasingly alarmed about the Queen's wellbeing. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their anxieties, with some even speculating that the next update the Head of State will announce she has tested positive for Covid. 

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This worrying development comes just a few days after the Queen confirmed Camilla will be Queen-Consort when Charles is crowned King. The monarch announced the exciting news on her Platinum Jubilee 2022, bringing an end to years of debate over what the Duchess of Cornwall's title would be when the Prince of Wales ascends the throne. 

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