Queen's favorite cocktail revealed by Tom Hanks - a James Bond classic with a different kind of twist

The Queen's favorite cocktail has been revealed by Tom Hanks on The One Show as the actor reveals this could be the cause of her long reign!

Queen's favorite cocktail
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The Queen's favorite cocktail was revealed by Tom Hanks on the One Show as the star joined the BBC chatshow to discuss his new film Elvis, and his dinner with Her Majesty. 

In 2011, when the former US President Barack Obama visited the UK, a number of A-listers were invited to dine at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and the president. Tom Hanks revealed that he sat next to the Queen and was able to speak with her personally about her work and her drink preferences. 

The actor recalled the night saying, "I sat right next to the Queen, closer than Austin [he gestured to his co-star next to him on the couch] she sat right her and some lady in a lovely tiara was right next to me."

Tom Hanks

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The actor added that he had prepared to sit next to the Queen and wanted to make sure he used the time wisely. "The chit-chat with the Queen is something you’ve got to get ready for. I knew I was going to be sitting next to her so I wanted to be able to talk about things that were of import but not presumptuous."

"So a few things about how often she truly has time off, it was nice chit chat, it was okay," said Tom as he then revealed a fun anecdote about the Queen' drinking habits.

"Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw this white-gloved hand just put between me and Her Royal Majesty this glass of water," revealed Tom "That's all it was, a white glove and a glass of water. But, it wasn't in a water glass."

Tom then revealed that this suspicious glass of 'water' encouraged him to ask the Queen what her favorite tipple is. "It was a clear liquid and so I dared to ask the Queen, ‘And what is your majesty’s cocktail of choice?' and she said, ‘Ooh martini!’" said Tom impersonating the Queen, which led the studio to erupt into laughter.

It seems that the Queen opted for no garnishes in her martini and appeared to be drinking water at this event- when in fact, she was enjoying a delicious cocktail. 

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He revealed that the Queen didn't quite knock back this cocktail loved by James Bond but instead drank it slowly during the evening. "She had the one, that’s what she nursed throughout the course of the night."

Tom then joked that perhaps this cocktail is the key to the Queen's 70-year-reign. "And I think, well, she’s had a wonderful reign so maybe if I want to polish up my game a little bit I’ll start having martinis,” said the actor.

Queen drinking

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The Queen's long reign is set to be celebrated over the coming week as plans are put in motion for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. While it's unclear if Her Majesty will celebrate with her favorite cocktail, there is a little bit of alcohol in the Queen's Jubilee Pudding, so there will certainly be at least some boozy celebrations on the cards for the Queen!

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